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 How To Download Xfire

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PostSubject: How To Download Xfire   Thu 30 Apr 2009 - 19:02

This is how you can get X-Fire i suggest every member gets it for easier contact so here's how to get it:

1. Download x-fire at
1.1 You go to the site
1.2 Then you press "downloads"
1.3 Then you press "Download x-fire here"
1.4 Then you install it, but it's done fast normally

2. Open x-fire
2.1 You can open x-fire, to go to "All programme's" and then press "x-fire"
2.2 Or when you placed it on the desktop, you can also open it like that way

3. Register new account
3.1 You open x-fire after you installed it, it will say "looking for installed games".
when that's done you'll see window (normally small) With right a
littlebit smaller window, there you see "New members register here"
3.3 When you pressed that, you'll go to the website and see a form, fill in everything, and press "Submit".
3.4 After you pressed "submit", you'll get a mail.

4. Register new account (2)
4.1 Go to
4.2 Press "downloads"
4.3 Then you see "New members, register here", when you press that you'll see the form like i told you in 3.3!

5. Log in
5.1 Open x-fire when you didn't do that before, or closed it.
Then you see "looking for new games" then you see a window where you
can log in with the details you putted in the form on the website.
then you press "log in" and you can put "Log in automaticly" Then you
don't need to put this in allways, but you log in automaticly.

6. Add some friends
When you logged in, you'll see a + at the bottom of the window, You
press that (but you need to have someone x-fire before you go there)
6.2 Then you can put the x-fire in, and click on "search"
then you'll see a big window, where you see if that x-fire exist. When
it exist, you press "Add friend" Else you need to check the x-fire, if
it's correct..

7. The groups in x-fire
7.1 The friends
7.1.1 On this page you can see who's online
7.1.2 You can Add new friends
7.1.3 You can talk to other friends
7.1.4 You can see who plays what game and you can also see the friends of your friend online that're playing.

7.2 The servers
7.2.1 When you went to ET, and opened a server it will be showed here.
7.2.2 When there is a server you like, you can also add him to your favorites
7.2.3 You can also see the chatrooms (for live) that you have.
7.2.4 This is fast when you have a favorite server, then you can go fast to that server and don't need to go to ET

7.3 The Files
7.3.1 In here you can see your screenshots you made WITH X-FIRE!
7.3.2 You can also see the automatic-game-updates
7.3.3 You can also view the video's (when you have made one)

8. In-game chat
8.1 In "options" you need to say what bind you want to do in-game chat.
8.2 You can do in-game chats in SOME games, not in all!
8.3 It's easy to talk to friends, then you don't need to come out of game, when you're owning?!

9. Screenshots
9.1 You need to put a bind to take a screenshot @options
9.2 Then you can make a screenshot (only in-game) And you can view this later at "Local Files" or at "files" in x-fire.

For more information, you can add me to xfire "gendar257" to ask me something! (or here on forum)
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How To Download Xfire
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